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12air offers complete medical evacuation services, including air and ground transportation, offering a bedside-to-bedside service. The company focuses on evacuating patients from Africa to the Canary Islands and from there, to the rest of Europe. Furthermore, we also organize medical flights and escort/stretcher services to North America, Asia, etc. We have a very streamlined management, offering very short lead times and reduced costs.

All our services are designed to offer the highest medical standards, safety and comfort for the patient and his or her family.

Our planes

12air has teamed up with the most prestigious companies for medical air evacuation. Generally, planes of the type Beechcraft are used, because of their versatility and proven flight capabilities. These medically-configured aircraft use very short runways and operate in extreme conditions. We work with other suppliers who offer larger airplanes, too. 12air also relies on sound providers of ambulances for the terrestrial transportation.

All planes are equipped with modern air evacuation equipment, such as invasive and non-invasive monitoring, in-flight defibrillation, respirators, etc.

In any case, both plane and ambulance will be equipped according to the specific requirements of each patient.


For 12air, the patient is the top priority. That is why all our services are targeted at offering the highest medical safety and comfort, both for the patient and for his or her family.

Our services cover the organisation of:

  • Medical flights (in air ambulance), originating in Africa or the Canaries and with destination to the Canary Islands or the rest of Europe (or RoW)
  • Medical escort services provided by a qualified doctor or nurse on comercial flights, both on stretcher and seated
  • Ground transportation in ambulance in the Canaries or other regions.

Furthermore, 12air offers the following services::

  • Contacting the patient (only if required), his or her insurance company, as well as the medical centre at origin and destination
  • Providing details about the operation to the insurance company, family, receiving medical centre, etc. and clearing any issues
  • To organize ground transportation at origin and destination In case of a medical escort, contact with the commercial airline to organize the transport
  • Professionally manage the unforeseen and unexpected

Our Team

A professional team of doctors and nurses will work closely together, depending on each patient’s specific need. All doctors and nurses on 12air flights have the required certification and training, such as inflight assistance.

Each patient is different and has specific needs. For this there will be a dedicated team for each flight.

All of our professionals speak English and, very often, the patient’s language.


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